Z e n  m u s i c  I n s t i t u t e
                          A l l o w  u s  t o  e n l i g h t e n  y o u r  c h i l d !

Welcome to Zen Music Institute

     Zen Music Institute views music as a fundamental part of our basic education and an important factor in our cultural 
and social 
evolution. We promote musical education for all, regardless of income, age, previous experience, or professional aspirations. 
Our music school is located in Edgewater NJ inside of Mitsuwa Market Plaza, a beautiful 3200sf school with a large concert 
offers students recital 3 times a year.
ZMI uses new YAMAHA pianos for all our practice rooms and a Grand Steinway piano for the concert hall.
Zen Music Institute starts your children's music learning in a correct way from the very beginning!!!

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News and Events

We are happy to introduce our Japanese Language Program! We offer group and private lessons as well. We hold our classes every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
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Zen Music Institute offers after school program during all school year. Kids will have opportunity to take art and music classes, practice, prepare home work for school as well as have fun time to watch movies and play educational games.

                SUMMER CAMP 2014
As a good tradition Zen Music Institute opens its doors for Summer Camp from June 23rd to August 29th. It's a weekly program. Kids will have a lot of interesting group and private classes, activities and opportunity to play on the stage. Experienced faculty of Zen Music Institute will guid our guests trough unforgettable journey in Big World of Music and Arts.

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             SUMMER RECITAL
Our next students recital will be held
on August 1st (29th) in Zen Music Institute Recital Hall.
Come to support our young

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